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Don’t Depend Solely on an Alarm to Protect Your Real Estate…

February 26, 2011

Sharon put together some solid basic tips on keeping intruders away from your property(ies). But she mentioned something that is very simple, yet extremely important, and it is this:

Alarms: Don’t depend only upon an alarm to protect you … be sure to use the proper locking devices. An alarm does not physically keep a burglar out of your home or business.

You can read the rest of the story here: (Originally released by Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog but has since been taken down)

We all know about alarms, and they have been proven to help deter intruders from a home. However, the don’t keep them out. So just remember some of the good ol’ techniques, like locks on doors and windows, or perhaps a fence, gated community, etc.

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