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Depersonalizing & Increasing Perceived Size

March 30, 2011

The title doesn’t quite say it all, but it sure does give a hint. Anita Clark posted a great article on some things you can do to increase the perception a buyer might have about your house. There are several solid points, but I want you to focus on these:

2.  Organize your kitchen pantry throwing out all out-of-date food.  Give non-perishable items you won’t eat to friends, family, neighbors, or a local food pantry.  Sort all remaining items by food types, stack cans neatly, and use storage containers for the smaller items.

3.  Organize the smaller kitchen appliances, putting the rarely used ones in cabinets or storage and off the counters.  Make sure the space under the sink is organized and clean.

5.  Remove many of your personal photos, knick knacks, and tchotchkes.  While you may want the memories, others will see the items as distractors.

You can read the rest of the post here.

And while these may seem simple, have you thought about them? Tidiness as well as a depersonalized house can really increase the buyer’s perception of a sizable house that is ready for them to personalize to fit themselves, instead of thinking about your memories and family. Unfortunately, the buyer cares about themselves and their family and memories, not yours.

And playing in to the fact can not only help you sell your house faster, you might even get a little bit higher price on it too.

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