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Becoming an Investment Agent Specialist

February 19, 2011

Most people who think about going into a career (whether it be part or full time) as a real estate agent, generally think about working with the typical public/retail customers. These are folks that are either buying or selling their own single family home. But have you considered specializing? There are many different areas of real estate you could go into as a specialist, and I just want to whet your appetite for working with one of those markets – investors.

As an real estate agent an investor myself, I know the value of real estate investors. And while they may take a little more time (at least in the beginning) when it comes to evaluating potential investment properties and you might make a little less per deal with them; the long term value of an investor who trusts you to be their real estate agent is extremely high.

As you build the relationship with them, they will trust you more and more. And you can potentially get to the place where you know the type of property they want, you can send them one that fits the bill, and they’ll tell you to make an offer on it immediately, without even seeing the property. This can be huge for you. And the more business you do with them, the easier the deals will get, and the easier the money will flow, both to them, and you.

Now imagine if you had 5 of these investors on board. How about 10? or 20?

What kind of income do you think you could build up with this kind of clientele, that know you, trust you, and do business with you over and over again?

I think the answer is pretty clear…

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