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Appearance is a Part of Selling Real Estate

March 7, 2011

You might ask the question…does it really matter how I look, or how I dress when selling real estate? Well the short answer is “yes”.

But don’t think you have to put on a 3 piece monkey suit or your Sunday best, that is not what I am saying, nor is it the best approach. You could just as much be viewed as “pious” or “self-absorbed” by over-dressing, as you could be called “lazy” or “ignorant” by under-dressing.

The key to this, just like I mention in my How to Sell 101 quick tip, is fulling the perception of the buyer. If your buyers expect a radiant, high profile business person to show and sell them houses, deliver that to them. If they are just looking for a down-to-earth agent that looks and talks like them, deliver that to them. By the way, it is much more likely that people want to do business with people that look, think, and talk like them. But you should be knowledgeable about real estate and the properties you are trying to sell, because your buyers will have this expectation.

So just remember, you are there to fulfill the perceived dream or benefit that the buyer has in their mind. Do that…and you’ll sell like crazy.

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