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An Easy Way to Show a “Pretty Link” and Cloak Your Affiliate or Other Link

January 7, 2011

At some point in time, there may be some training or online tools that you would like to promote to your prospects. Or you may just want to use a “pretty” link instead of a nasty, lengthy link on your website. So instead of posting a link like this to your site:

You can post a link like this to your site:

To do this, copy and paste this code to a text file on your computer. Change the link to the one you want to redirect to.


Create a folder called “google” (without the quotes) on your computer. Then save the text file to that folder, with index.php as the filename.

Next, pull up your FileZilla and click the “Sites” button, click on your site, then click “Connect” to ftp to your website.

On the left hand side you will see files and folders that are located on your computer, on the right hand side will be files and folders located on your server computer. On the left hand side, find the “index.php” that you just created. Navigate to the “public_html” folder on the right hand side. Make sure that you don’t already have a “google” folder on the right hand side, then click and drag the “google” folder from the left hand side to the right hand side of FileZilla to upload the “google” folder with “index.php” inside.

Now when some goes to, they will be automatically redirected to This is a great way to show a nice pretty link to your prospects, and redirect them to any site on the web (including a different page on your own site).

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