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A Question Sellers Should Consider Asking

January 31, 2011

I ran across an interesting bit of information today, and wanted to give it to you. As sellers become more and more educated, they begin to ask more questions of a potential agent, to qualify them for selling their home.

Questions like how many homes they have sold in the past year, have they operated in that particular market/neighborhood, do they do open houses, how much do they charge, etc. are among some of the questions. These are great questions, but one question Paula Swayne points out in her “The Question Sellers Forget to Ask” is something I think sellers should consider, and agents and brokers should be prepared to answer, and it is:

How many of the homes you listed in the past year sold?

More than just the number of homes that they have sold, this question brings out their success rate. Consider an agent with 10 listings, who sold 8 of them, as compared to an agent with 25 listings, but only sold 12 of them. While the second agent sold more homes, their success rate was actually much lower than the first, only 48% as compared to 80%. The agent’s success rate is more important than the shear number of sales, and is something that sellers should consider, whether you are an investor or an average home owner looking to sell…

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