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7 Real Estate Listing Headlines to Avoid

April 27, 2011

Have you ever been scrolling through the MLS, IDX, newspaper, or just driving around looking for properties, and when you see a listing headline, you just have to roll your eyes, because it is so bad?

I definitely have. And I wanted to give you seven pathetic real estate listing headlines for your enjoyment. Hopefully you’ll get a few laughs out of these, and definitely learn some to stay away from when listing your own home or investment property for sale!

1. New on the Market!

Well, DUH! But sometimes it isn’t new, maybe it’s even expired. Regardless, this headline just flat out sticks, and doesn’t grab attention (at least doesn’t grab positive attention).

2. Won’t Last Long!

Especially when the listing is several months old. Come on people, do you really think others fall for this one?

3. Owner Says “Must Go” or Owner Says Sell!

Um…..DUH! Of course the owner wants to sell, or it wouldn’t be in the MLS or newspaper. Come on!

4. Handyman Special!

Yet the price is still at or near market value. Come on! If you are trying to appeal to investors, have an investor price!

5. Immaculate Presentation!

Like a home shouldn’t be clean and in order when trying to sell? Come on!

6. Unique Design (or whatever)!

What this really says is…”This house is nothing like the rest of the neighborhood, so steer clear.” Enough said.


What? What does that even mean? Come on!


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