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1 Dead Easy Tip to Selling More Homes

March 2, 2011

I was cruising around online today, and I ran across this saying by Broker Bryant:

Ask the buyer if they want to make an offer!! There are a lot of Realtors® that don’t do this one crucial thing. Ask for the sale. This is the number one rule in sales.

I know this is so elementary that it shouldn’t have to be said, but some agents just choke up when it comes to actually asking for the sale. Start by asking them about the property, how they liked it, do they think it will meet their needs, and could they see themselves in it. But always ask them point blank: “Do you want to make an offer?”.

This forces a decision. And maybe they aren’t ready yet. They’ll let you know. But it can’t hurt to at least ask them once if they want to buy the property. If you don’t, you might find that you don’t sell many properties, people are just finicky and non-committal these days.

So again I say, ask for the sale!

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