Saturday, November 1st, 2014

NAR Forcing Unwanted Fees

According to James Kimmons, he belongs to an MLS system that mandates inclusion in the National Association of Realtors (NAR). As an agent myself, I know the crushing and frustrating pull of these kind of financial anchors. You need to have access to the MLS, but you don’t want to pay for anything else. And […]

Inexpensive Fixes to Increasing Curb Appeal

There are many inexpensive things that you can do to increase the curb appeal of your property, or your client’s property. For starters, simply keeping the grass mowed, power washing the exterior and mulching the areas where grass won’t grow really helps to increase the “face” value of the property you are selling. Kristine Ginsberg […]

Do You Really Have to Get A Pre-Approval Letter First?

We are living in hard times as far as the mortgage industry goes. Banks have some amazingly strict and convoluted guidelines and policies for getting approved for a loan, and many people that used to be able to qualify, no longer can. Even if they are self employed, make a lot of money and have […]

Being Realistic With Your Clients

We all know that right now we are in a down market, and while I don’t like being grim or overly negative with a potential client, I also want to make sure that I am honest with them. Because of the real estate bubble burst, many people are finding themselves with more mortgage than home […]

Marketing Your Open House

If you are going to have an open house for a client, you probably want to have some folks show up for it, right? Of course, and having a scientific marketing strategy that is proven to work is definitely something you want to develop. But why not follow someone else’s proven strategy, then modify it […]

Real Estate: A Relationship Business

No matter what schemes people come up with to make money, if you are going to have a real business, you are going to have to have relationships with people. There’s just no way around it. Yeah, I know you can throw up a website, and get traffic to it, and not really connect with […]

What’s More Important in Real Estate: Features or Benefits?

If you have been around the real estate game, any other market where you are selling a product, for any length of time, you will probably find see a lot of advertising that is centered around the features of the product, especially in the real estate market. Often times when someone is shopping for a […]

How to Get Real Estate Testimonials & Referrals

Like anything in marketing, if you promise to deliver a great product, and you do actually deliver a great product, then you have satisfied your buyer. But if you really want to create testimonials from clients who “love” working with you, and will recommend you to their friends and family, you have to over-deliver on […]

7 Real Estate Listing Headlines to Avoid

Have you ever been scrolling through the MLS, IDX, newspaper, or just driving around looking for properties, and when you see a listing headline, you just have to roll your eyes, because it is so bad? I definitely have. And I wanted to give you seven pathetic real estate listing headlines for your enjoyment. Hopefully […]

Depersonalizing & Increasing Perceived Size

The title doesn’t quite say it all, but it sure does give a hint. Anita Clark posted a great article on some things you can do to increase the perception a buyer might have about your house. There are several solid points, but I want you to focus on these: 2.  Organize your kitchen pantry […]

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