Saturday, October 25th, 2014

The I Can’t Attitude…

It is interesting to think about people in general. Think about your friends, your family, etc. Which ones are successful? Which ones aren’t? And I don’t define success by the amount of money earned, but by their attitude. Are they living a fulfilled life? You can probably tell just by being around them for a […]

My Perspective on Home Inspectors

It is interesting when you are looking to buy or sell a home, and a home inspector is hired to inspect the house. I have been involved in many such occurrences, and I generally find it quite humorous when you get the final inspection back. Most of the home inspectors retain a certain level of […]

Perspective: Why the Democratic Agenda Stifles Real Estate

Real estate, like any other sector of the market, is related to and affected by other sectors, and the market as a whole. And as technology helps us to span the gap between markets, each country’s market will become increasingly dependent¬† on the global market. And the one thing that just kills any economy, is […]